Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Although sometimes abbreviated as software is a series of instructions that allow a user to interact with a computer or its hardware or perform tasks. Without software, the computer would be useless. For example, without an Internet browser, you could not browse the Internet or read this page, without the operating system, the browser could not run on the computer. The figure on the right shows a Microsoft Excel box which is an example of a spreadsheet software program. Below is a list of various types of software that the computer may have installed, along with examples of related programs. For additional information, Software is considered as a program, but anything can be used as long as it runs on a computer. The table below also contains a program column to clarify software that is not a program. The two main types of computer software are system software and application software. The system software provides a platform for users to install and run application software and consists of multiple is.necessary to smoothly execute the computer system. The application program is the designed to perform specific tasks such as word processing, video editing, spreadsheet, web browser. Every application program relies on the system software of the computer to provide the user with specific functions. There are several minor application programs called utility programs that are integrated into the operating system that manages computer hardware resources, such as hard drives, memory modules, graphics, audio cards.There are several major types of standalone operating systems. Among these are Microsoft Windows, Apple's Mac OS, and Linux. Application software, or just application, you can even create documents, spreadsheets, databases and publications, online research, send email, design graphics, do business, play games! Application software is specific to the task that it was designed for and is as simple as a calculator application, but it is as complicated as a word processing application. When we start document creation, the word processor software already sets margin, font style and size, line spacing. However, you can change these settings and more formatting options are available. For example, using a word processor application, you can easily add colors, headlines, images, and delete, copy, move, and change the appearance of documents as needed.